Sunday, September 23, 2007

We are working on stuff at the office when we start talking about office relationships. Not wanting to pry too personally, Karen decides that we should write down any office relationships or hookups on a piece of paper and we'll put them into a bowl. I write down that I have been celibate, which is true of the current office. However, I was in a relationship in the office previous to this one, before I transferred. Perhaps it is a bit sneaky, but mainly I am trying to forget about it. We do learn of various activities that have taken place around the office and it makes me think twice about using the copier.

Later, we all go to this large house for a corporate party for all of the offices. I am nervous because my old office will be there, including my short lived "previous relationship." She's not there when we arrive, so I get to know people and mingle about. As I walk outside, I notice her truck. I can see her out of the corner of my eye sitting in a box at the front door. There is no logic to this. I walk by her truck and notice bags of random stuff in the bed. I resist the urge to search through it.

I know I should go say hi to her, but instead I go back inside and continue to party with my coworkers. I continue to ignore her for the evening, catching glimpses of her at various times. I go back outside and notice that her truck is gone. I am equally sad and relieved about this. It isn't until later that I discover that she actually just moved it to the other driveway with the other cars.

At the end of the night, we are all going to our cars to leave and our eyes meet. We smile and nod to each other and get in our cars.

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