Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I'm over at my friend's house to pick something up. The mom tell me that what I need is out back. I go downstairs and through the basement and say hi to the dad. I go to the sliding glass door when a mutual friend walks in. He goes to the father and informs him that there is a problem; they have an "asterisk" in the back yard.

An "asterisk," apparently, is some form of spider/scorpion hybrid. It scuttles across the brick patio, hiding in the crevices. It has a bright red body. Someone tries to cover it in leaves and squish it, but as he does so, I see it crawl up the brick wall and I yell at him to watch out. It lifts up so we can see it's belly and it has another set of eyes and a mouth under there. It starts to talk to us through this new orifice and the three of us are obviously freaked out. We back up as it rants and raves at us. It then crawls down to the landing and begins another rant. I pull out my camera to try and get a picture of it, but my hands are shaking because it looks like it can strike at any moment. I get a few blurry shots but decide that it's time to leave.

I go to class and in Business Law, we debate the merits of the New England Patriots and how they stack up against the 1972 Dolphins. We also talk about the other teams and who has a chance to beat the Patriots as well as who is and isn't living up to their expectations in the NFL.

I am sitting next to my (fictional dream) friends who are married. At one point the husband gets up to leave. As we are sitting there, the fire alarm goes off, so we all get up and begin to head outside. As we are heading out of the door, we run into the husband and another girl. The wife freaks out when she sees a hickey on his jaw and she starts to yell at him. She starts to cry on my shoulder, so I pick her up and carry her outside. We leave the husband and the "other girl" inside and I take her to a bench and we sit there quietly.

As we sit there, we listen to trivia questions to pass the time. The last question asks what is more frightening to most people, lightning or thunder.

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