Saturday, November 17, 2007

We sit in silence, trying to yawn the morning out of our systems. I go to the counter and make two cappuccinos. I set one down on the table next to her as she types at her computer. We talk of trivial things, a conversation never meant for the records and forgotten by the time the espresso is gone. Her brother comes home and sees us still in pajamas. He hints that I should go home. I don't take offense, he is only trying to protect his twin. Any brother would be wary of the proximity of testosterone to his sister, no matter how platonic the friendship may be. I rinse out my cup, bid my fair skinned friend farewell and return to my home across the street.

We tend to the yard in the front before tackling the basement. The floor is made of dirt, so we till it and decide that it would be a good idea to plant grass there. We begin to research grasses that grow well indoors.

In the front yard stands a large tree. In the trunk lives Reggie, our Koala Bear. Reggie resides with his friend, a battered stuffed rabbit with missing teeth and one ear. The plush sits awkwardly on a branch, leaning up against the trunk. If you call Reggie's name, he pokes his head out and if he's in a good mood, he will wave at you. My friend comes by and we say hi to Reggie, he waves to us as we leave to work on a class project.

Before heading to campus, we stop at her house again to pick up some snacks. I use her restroom while she digs through her pantry. I enter the bathroom and I am convinced that no one has ever actually used this bathroom. The porcelain gleams in the incandescent light and I can't help but feel guilty while I am in there.

We join our group and head to the computer lab which is mostly empty. Our group splits up and I find that every computer I try to use is out of order. The rest of my group is able to locate workstations. As I get up to find another place to work, the computer lab becomes packed with students trying to get their end of the semester projects done. As soon as a computer opens up, someone else snatches it up. I am finally able to find a computer to use. However, the desktop of the computer is projected on a screen that the whole lab can see. I feel self conscious checking my e-mail, knowing everyone else can read it.

We finish up and drag some chairs outside, as the day fades into night. A group of guys begin to talk to my friend, a vain attempt to hit on her. I am amused at this futile scene, however she is just too nice to tell them off. She comes back, hands me a bottle of sparkling water from her bag. We lay back and watch the stars.

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  1. Hey, thanks for commenting...I figured I'd return the favor. The way you write is lovely (though the koala bear threw me). It's descriptive...and human.

    p.s.-flight of the conchords...nice.

  2. I figured it wasn't real life...a dream, though? I wish my subconscious were that creative.