Sunday, December 30, 2007

As the truck's shocks faithfully made sure we felt every crevice in the road, Eve and I talk about a long lost friend. A friend who once meant the world to us both, but I had feared was gone forever from our lives. There was so much baggage between us now, I began to feel that this friendship could no longer survive under the weight. I tell Eve that I need her to make the effort because I feel that I have tried everything and there is nothing left that I can possibly do.

Eve grabs my hand and pulls it towards her, her hand warm against mine, is lost in the folds of her obnoxiously large coat. I constantly poke fun at her for never having adapted to the Virginia climate. She has spent seven years in the commonwealth, yet she still remains a California girl at heart.

I look down at the hand in mine and notice that it is much smaller than Eve's. I follow the arm around Eve and realize that it is coming from behind the driver's seat. There she is, laying down on the floor behind us the entire time. She tells me that my hands always did keep her warm. I am simultaneously happy and annoyed at Eve for this deception. A flurry of emotion comes over me, there is so much I want to say to her. Questions that I want her to answer for me.

I don't say a word.

Our eyes meet and we understand each other. Even after all this time, we still had that ability.

We need to get to the store, but because of the new hires, there are no places to sleep. The store doubled as a retail space as well as a living space. Eve offers her truck to us and says that we can just sleep in the cab to avoid having to fight for a spot in the store. She hands me her keys, bid her farewell and embark on a long awaited journey. We begin to fill the holes in each other's stories, completing the lineage over the last year.

We arrive at the parking lot and after much hassle, we are finally able to park the truck. As we entered the lot, the parking attendant informed us of a ticket that was placed on the truck. It was given to a friend of ours, Cia. The ticket was vague and never actually said what trespass she had committed. Nonetheless, we fear getting Eve into more trouble, so we decide it best to not stay in the truck overnight. It was already approaching dawn so we forgo sleep. She says that we should just meet for breakfast in Christiansburg. I agree and go back to my room to get ready for the day.

I arrive in Christiansburg and am unable to find her. After walking around for a while, I am talked into joining a pick up football game. I am wearing nice clothes, so I tell them to wait for me while I go change.

When I return to my room, I see that FedEx has left a package, but it is not for me. Upon closer inspection, I realize that it is actually a live specimen box and that it houses a large boa constrictor. I am not terribly frightened of it, but I do decide it best to be left in the box. The owner should be the one to handle it.

I return to the field only to discover that the football game is over and people are instead cooking out. Most people are roasting pumpkins, but others have various kebabs rotating over the fire. I see her passing the large gourds down a line and I begin walking toward her...

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