Saturday, December 29, 2007

I am handed a brand new blue polo shirt and given instructions on what I needed to do for my first day at work. I am starting as a seasonal employee at Best Buy with two friends. I attempt to clock in, but cannot figure out how to use the time clock. It is larger than necessary, looking more like a stand alone ATM machine than a time clock. Another employee assists me and then tells me what I need to do.

I am supposed to work the drums and percussion counter. People can ask me about certain songs and I write down the drum music on 3x5 cards for them. I am really nervous about this because it has been quite a while since I used musical notation.

Before I can get started, we have to attend a wedding service for the Pope. I am not sure if the Pontiff is conducting the service or is actually getting married. After the service, I run into my ex's sister. I always felt that she distrusted me and I tell her that I wish we had a chance to get to know each other better and that we got off on the wrong foot. She was just trying to protect her younger sister, so I can understand some animosity towards me. She agrees with me on our lack of opportunity then kisses me on the cheek before returning to the group.

I return to Best Buy trying to figure out if I should be working or not. I attempt to read the daily assignment sheet, but there is no mention of returning to work after the ceremony. The ceremony is not even listed. I decide to take this opportunity to go to my apartment and unpack.

I am sharing space with my two friends, one of which just received a package. Her parents sent her a king sized bed. It is so massive that there is no way to transport it into the apartment. Instead, we try to make the best of our barren living conditions. A couple of new coworkers stop by to see how things are going. They are wearing special shirts to pay respect to what happened at Virginia Tech on April 16. They inform me that one of the managers is upset at us for not being at work. This time I am told to report to the beer tent. I throw on a VT shirt because it seemed more appropriate and I am given a bottle opener.

I arrive at the tent to a loud group of mostly college aged students. I am taken aback at first, but quickly warm up to the crowd. They have a drink waiting for me. I throw my head back and feel the cold drink slide down my throat. I slam the cup on the bar and begin to work...

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