Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I feel sick. I've broken one of my cardinal rules, all for the sake of comfort and convenience. I'm sitting here in the student center with a brown bag with the logo of a company I had planned to never purchase from again; Burger King.

Just typing that sends shivers down my spine. I couldn't even finish what they tried to pass off as food. Instead of a "Double Stacker," it should have been called a "Double Soggy with a side of Nausea." I gave in to this purchase mainly because all other options were located opposite the tundra. I realize now that I am completely unprepared for this weather. Even as I sit, I watch students cross the plaza, pulling all they can into their coats. Intellectual tortoises on their way to class. The tree outside the other side of this protective pane shivers in the wind, her naked limbs bending in the sharp and forgiving breeze.

For that reason, I sit here with a guilty conscience.

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  1. Ah-Burger King. The King of all Burger. Nice image. Thanks.