Sunday, December 09, 2007

I have never been a fan of New Year's Resolutions. Why should you wait until January 1st to change your bad habits? If you need to make a change, you should do it now. There is a reason most people do not keep their resolutions, the act of putting it off until New Year's is just another act of procrastination. The more you allow procrastination, the easier it becomes. That being said, here are some things I am trying to work on right now.
  • Be more open: I am very emotionally closed off. I don't really allow anyone in and part of that is I am afraid of getting hurt as well as the fact that I hate the feeling of no longer being in control. However, I've learned over the past year that if one lets things fester inside them, they grow to the point where control is no longer an option anyway.
  • Take more chances: This applies to all facets of life. Put myself out there where there is no safety net. I've taken some pretty large strides in the area, but I can still grow. Sometimes it has helped me, sometimes it has hurt, sometimes both, but not once did I regret the chance I took.
  • Be more productive: I was once asked which literary character I was most like. After a lot of thought, I decided that one of them would be Frank Gilbreth (from Cheaper By The Dozen). The others were Professor Digory Kirke (The Chronicles of Narnia) and Walter Mitty (The Secret Life of Walter Mitty). I chose Frank Gilbreth because of my need for efficiency. However, I don't seem to be any more productive with the "extra time" I save. One could argue that I'm just really efficient at wasting time as well. It is amazing at how good I am at it.
  • Practice the drums more: I mean really practice. I need to play more than 30 minutes at a time, build up some stamina and add more to my repertoire. I need to try and learn new songs and styles of drumming.
  • Learn a (new) Language: I have been working on this off and on for a while now. I've tried to learn Korean, a language I was once fluent in, however years of not using it has caused me to almost completely forget it. When asked if I understand any Korean, my standard answer is, "I know when my mom is angry at me." I want to learn Korean, Italian and American Sign Language. I have the DVDs for ASL, but the people are really annoying, so it has made it difficult.
  • Write more: I have a box of unfinished journals and sketchbooks. Sometimes I am too afraid that "it won't be good enough" that I never even try. Let the pen touch the paper and let it go. How can I get any better if I never work on it.
  • Make more mistakes: This ties into the second one.
  • Go to bed at a reasonable hour: . . . dammit!
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  1. Yes, definetely going to bed at a decent hour. :) Get some SLEEP!