Sunday, January 27, 2008

I weave through the cars, lamenting the congestion that is northern Virginia traffic. The roads are getting wider and the green is getting thinner. Out of the corner my eye, I can see her auburn hair flowing through the breeze of carbon filled air. I know she is traveling to Texas to visit a school there. I am also returning to my school, in the foothills of Virginia.

Once again, she appears in my life for a brief instant before disappearing. I am done lamenting, I convince myself. So much so that I almost believe it. I pull over to grab a bite to eat and to escape the monotony of highway driving. Of all the rest stops, in all the highways, in this commonwealth, she stops at mine.

We talk, that awkward conversation we dread, but must go through with. We speak of text books, discounts and final semesters. Nothing that truly matters. She reaches across the table and takes a bite from my plate. She comments that it was good.

That was why I bought it.

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