Sunday, January 27, 2008

In order to infiltrate the enemy, we have decided to use the caves that traverse under the stronghold. We send a team in, made up of human soldiers and decoys. The cave is infested with snakes, so the decoys are sent in first to flush out and take care of them. Soon, we start to lose soldiers, as there are more snakes than were expected. The team leader takes a bite and soon the entire mission is in jeopardy.

A rescue mission is dispatched to bring the injured home. We get into the armored transport and make our way to the mouth of the cave. On the way, we are sure to wave at the ladies on the side of the road.

Once at the mouth of the cave, the team is dispatched into the cave while the armored vehicle is positioned out of sight. We quickly begin to move the injured out of the cave and into the transport. Once it is full, it returns to headquarters with the injured. We continue to move through the cave, gathering more injured as we go. We set up explosives on the side of the cave. The cave wall is thin at this point, so it will be an escape route if necessary.

Back at headquarters, the team leader has been bandaged and given anti-venom. Someone approaches him and discusses the validity of the rescue mission and why it should not be carried out. They argue until the team leader takes a snake and throws it at the snake in human form. He flails on the ground, trying to avoid the snake's strikes.

And I don't want to be still
But the snake in the grass is staring at me

Michael Mazochi - "Tonight"
*I find it a strange coincidence that this song was playing as I wrote this.

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