Monday, March 10, 2008

Vanity license plates amuse me. By amuse, I of course mean that many of them annoy me greatly. I am sure I am not the only one who feels that numbers should never EVER replace letters. A while back I saw someone with a tag that said "ON1Y ONE" The irony here is that the person could not use the letter "L" to spell "ONLY" and had to substitute it with the number "1." That of course meant that this person was NOT the "only one."

One of my favourites was from New Year's Eve. I pulled up behind a person and saw this plate (recreated via the Virginia DMV webpage):No matter how nerdy I feel, I can always look back on this and feel better about my life.

As I drove past the swarms of state troopers on I-81 today, I saw this one on the back of an old station wagon:
I don't have this one exactly right, but from all of the religious bumper stickers on the car, it was supposed to be something similar to "Lord unto me." The only problem was that the "un" and the "2" were backwards, so it read "Lord to un me."

But the one that got me was this one:

This was how I knew I was back in Southwest Virginia.

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  3. Doesn't your liscence plate say "Bksellr"?