Saturday, April 26, 2008

Dreamy Block Party

The neighborhood is throwing a block party to celebrate the end of the school year. Cars line the streets and people walk from house to house, sharing food, drinks and overall merriment. I walk amongst my fellow former students, celebrating our overpriced parchment that guarentees our future.

A girl approaches me and asks if they can use Babe to go pick someone up. I agree on condition that they take good care of her. Like most females, if you don't treat her well, she can be quite vindictive. I see them off and return to the festivities.

A while later, I notice that a house across the street has been busy packing up to move and has put a bunch of stuff out on the curb as trash. Among the trash is a large flat panel television. I immediately make my way over to claim it as my own. I curse my decision to let someone borrow Babe, as now I have no place to stash the television. I pick it up and move it away from the pile, but I cannot really carry it around. I return to the party and hope that it is still there later.

A while later, I return to the curb and notice that the television is gone, but I see that there is a drill press with a complete set of bits. Once I again second guess myself for not having my Blazer handy to store this booty. I return to the party and run into the girl who originally asked me to use Babe. I ask her where she parked her and she said that she left it at her friend's house and they just walked over? I attempt to hide my anger as I explain that if she could just walk here, why did she need to be picked up. In addition to that, how was supposed to get home now, not to mention the missed opportunity to get some cool stuff. The girls agree to go back and get my car.

The cops bust into the party and arrest someone for a string of murders that has happened over the previous few weeks. The 27 murders were perpetrated by a ninja or someone who knew martial arts. Knowing the person being arrested, I knew he wasn't responsible, but there was nothing we could do. The police take him into custody and we can only wait.

I tell a friend about the TV and the drill press. He says that I can keep the drill in his car for now. We walk back to the curb only to see someone has also claimed the drill. It's now early morning and the people who live in the house are packing up their moving van, so I strike up a short conversation with them. The girls finally get back with my Blazer, so I get in and drive home.

At home, a friend tells me that he's figured out who the actual murderer was. He doesn't know who it is, but has a name. We agree to investigate further so we can clear our friend's name. I go to pick him up when we run across an older couple. From the conversation we have with them, we discover that the couple are actually the parents of our suspect. We tell them that they better get in the car with us and we tell them what we know on the way to the house.

We approach a small single story house with white siding out in the middle of the field. The gravel driveway negates and attempt at stealth, though we try anyway. Once at the house, we look through the windows to try and catch a glimpse of our suspect. The door opens and we hear a shout from the other side.


A young lady, runs out and throws her arms around the older gentleman. She has her dark hair pulled back in a pony tail as she gives him a kiss on the cheek. She couldn't be more than 21 and was perfect in a way only a young woman can be. Long legs, slender arms and a bright smile. She wears blue jeans and a white t-shirt embroidered with her sororoties letter's. My friend stares at the symbols, though I doubt he is trying to read the greek letters. She invites us in and we hestiantly accept. We all sit on the floor of her living room while she introduces to one of her sorority sisters. We wonder if the sister knows what we know. Also at the house are two younger girls, one around 9 and the other around 4. We are unclear if these are actual sisters or just some girls that they are babysitting.

We make small talk, trying to steer the conversation to "safe subjects." The two sorority sisters argue over cleaning supplies and whose turn it is to buy them and sale prices. It's almost too much to take in and my mind tries to wrap itself around the situation. They serve us finger foods and it is hard to comprehend that this young attractive girl could commit such brutal and cold murders. If it weren't for that fact, it would've appeared as if the two of us had established quite a rapport with the sorority sisters and if we played our cards right, probably could've gotten a date, if not more, out of them.

At one point, my friend accidentally says something that gives us away. The look on her face changes immediately and we know that we're caught. She leaves the room. We excuse ourselves and start to make our way to the door. The parents leave first, taking the children with them. My friend and I start to follow suit when she returns with a sword. She begins a ferocious attack on the both of us and we only survive by keeping something between us.

Finally we get outside and see the parents struggling to get the children into the car. The older one doesn't want to leave the house and we don't know how to explain to her that her babysitter is actually a very bad person. Finally we force her into car and we all get in. I had left my keys in the ignition just in case a quick getaway was necessary. I turn the key and throw the car into reverse just as she emerges from the house and charges us. I pull a 180 on the gravel and look in my rear view mirror to see her jumping on a motorcycle.

The motorcycle's speed is greater than the poor car, so she gains on us quite quickly. I wait for her to move up to the side of the car before I turn into her, forcing her down a side street. We all breathe a sigh of relief, thinking we had left her behind. We drive to the nearest police station and hurry inside.

I look out of the window of the police station and I see a glint in the grass on the hill. Almost instantly, I hear the glass break and a small explosion occurs in the room. The police rush in and quickly fortify the area, unfortunately, my friend is injured and is taken into another room to be looked after.

I go outside just in time to see her approach the station via a side door. I make a run to try and stop her, knowing that she is going after my friend. She is wearing black leather with red trim and carries a spear. I watch her enter the building and as I close in, I can see her in the room with my friend. He lays on a couch, bandaged and asleep. She grips the spear with two hands and brings them back, preparing for a kill shot. She moves forward, thrusting her spear towards him. At the last second, she alters the trajectory, burying the spear into the back of the couch.

As I round the corner and enter the doorway, she is on her knees weeping. She pulls the spear out of the couch and crawls on the couch, into his arms. She sees me and beckons me over. She pulls me down to her and gives me a hug as well. She tells me that she doesn't know what she is going to do, but she has fallen for my friend. The three of us just lay there, uncertain of what the future could possibly hold.

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