Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hit & Run

I really dislike those family decals that people put on the backs of their cars. There is something about them that I find really stupid and annoying. What exactly is the point? To prove to the world what a happy little family you are? I can think of only one reason to ever display these stickers on the back window of your car. That is if you are tallying your successful hit and runs. That should really be the only acceptable circumstance.


  1. You're kinda sadistic. People are proud of their children. It also lets the driver behind them know, don't hit me cause I have kids. Or... in your case, hit me cause I have bonus points.

  2. haha, maybe. but those little stick figures make me so angry. I'm all for being proud of your kids, but don't reduce them to a smirking stick figure. They deserve more than that.