Sunday, November 15, 2009

Stop trying to sell me crappy beer and play the game

I never have been a fan of the NFL. I just cannot get that passionate about a game of mercenaries. That said, I can still find some enjoyment in watching a well played football game. However, television continues to at try and ruin the game by cramming as much advertising it possibly can into one game. This is what I dislike most about trying to watch a football game. Today, I was watching the Dallas/Green Bay game and I witnessed something that was borderline absurd.

As the 1st Quarter was coming to a close, Green Bay completed a pass on a 3rd down play that gave them a first down. Since the quarter came to a close, they went to commercial.

During the break, Dallas challenged the play and the catch was then ruled incomplete. The officials put :20 seconds back on the clock and Green Bay was forced to punt. After the punt, they went to commercial again after the change of possession.

After the second commercial break, Dallas ran a first down play which ran down the remaining time in the quarter, which means they went back to commercial again.

So, in the span of 20 seconds on the game clock, they showed 3 sets of television commercials. I can only take the stupidity of cold-activated Coors Light bottles or Miller-Lite trying to convince me that their shitty beer tastes good for so long.

As I see it, the only people who can possibly benefit from this are people with enlarged prostates and (according to the commercials) need to see their doctor about Avodart.

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