Thursday, April 15, 2010

Marketing for Morons

It really bothers me how stupid some marketers and ad execs think the general population is. It speaks of how little respect they have for our intelligence. One advertising campaign that has really annoyed me lately is the new Volkswagen "Punch Dub" campaign.

VW is attempting to ride the coattails of the "Punch Buggy" game, a game most of us grew up with. The game worked based on the unique body style of the VW Beetle, but now they've re-dubbed (haha) it "Punch Dub" and are trying to expand it to their entire line of vehicles. I'm sorry, but most VW's look like every other new car on the road these days. To make matters worse, they've created an entire back story with a character, "Sluggy" Peterson, who supposedly invented the game 50 years ago. Thanks for re-writing history.

I don't believe commercials make me want to buy a product more than I normally would want to, but they can easily make me want to avoid one. The sad thing is that VW has made some great commercials in the past, so we'll end on that note.

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