Sunday, August 01, 2010

Dylan Hears A Who

Several years ago, I stumbled upon Dylan Hears a Who! a web page that featured the stories of Dr. Seuss told in the style of Bob Dylan. These were amazingly done, so much so that people actually questioned whether or not some rare tapes of Dylan himself had been uncovered.

Unfortunately, the suits of Dr. Seuss' estate got wind of this and sent a cease and desist letter and the site was promptly "retired." An article describing what went down is available at

However, through the power of the internet, the songs live on. Someone has created a myspace page with several of the songs.

MySpace: Dylan Hears a Who!

Someone else has even gone to the lengths of overlaying the track over the classic cartoons.

Green Eggs & Ham

Oh, the Thinks You Can Think

The Zax

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  1. KIND OF AMAZING, ACTUALLY!! The first one is really catchy! :)