Monday, August 02, 2010

I and Love and You (a cover)

Sometimes you hear a song and it doesn't really resonate with you at first. Maybe it's a style of music that you don't normally listen to or you just don't connect to it emotionally at the time. Someone will tell you that this song will change your life, but all you can muster is "that was nice."

Then months, or even years, later - you hear it again and it just strikes a chord in you that you didn't know existed. "I and Love and You" is one of those songs for me. Kit recorded a cover of it because it meant so much to her, but all I could think was "that was nice." I listened to it again today, after 6 months and it finally hit me. I won't try to describe why, but I will just post a vid of Kit's cover, complete with doggy solo.

Also, check out her YouTube page for her other music (which I did not pimp out in a previous post):

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