Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fallacies in Design

I recently purchased some new earbuds to replace my old iPod earbuds. I decided on the Sony MDR-EX71.They seemed to get decent reviews and for the price, they could not be beat. However, I was in for a surprise when I received them.

The distance from plug to earbud is approximately 22". The distance from my ear to pocket is closer to 30", more if I want some slack for comfort. This means that if I want to listen to my iPod, I must carry the iPod in my hand, as I don't have a shirt with a pocket or wear one of those crazy armbands.

However, Sony seemed to have "thought" of this by including an extra extension cord!

But it seems I gave Sony too much credit because when I attempted to plug the extension cord into my iPod, I was in for a surprise...

... the plug is actually too small to fit into my iPod!

This means I need yet another adapter!

In the end, my contraption ends up looking something like this:

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