Thursday, November 04, 2010

Nobody Likes to Read a Magazine at Work

Going to the bathroom at work is always awkward. I tend to drink a lot of fluids at work (coffee, tea and water) which sometimes necessitates numerous trips to the restroom. When I first started, I mapped out different routes to the bathroom so it would not appear that I was going to the bathroom every 30 minutes. Eventually, I got my own office which gave me access to the back door to our suite so I could come and go as I pleased.

What is even more awkward is running to co-workers or even the CEO in the bathroom. To combat this, I started using the bathroom one floor above our office suite when I needed to read a magazine. This worked well for a while, as it allowed me to avoid people I knew in the restroom. Unfortunately, I am pretty sure that the custodians think I am weird because they know I work on the first floor, but see me in the stairwell, when I don't technically have a good reason to be there. That is, until I came downstairs and ran into my boss as he was coming into work.

But yeah, the things we do to prevent people knowing when we're reading a magazine - or more accurately, reading Texts from Last Night.


  1. Steven Black, I know you've told me "no one likes a one-upper" but I must. Well, I will put in a way that I am commiserating instead of attempting to out-do you. I too am a huge fan of liquid beverages and at my work, which means walking around agricultural plots on a West African island nation, there are no bathrooms. I constantly have to pop a squat behind some corn or papaya trees. Toilet paper is not included.

    However Steven Black…there is no shame. Look, now there’s a young man who is confident with himself…I know what you are doing and I approve. Go the distance!

  2. Haha, I knew as soon as I posted this that you'd say something about it. We miss your squinty face on this side of the world...where technology and hygiene live.